Our Team

Customer service is not a department, it's our way of life


The Xpel installation team at SuperCar Paint Protection (SPP) each have in excess of 35 years experience in designing and installing vehicle graphics. Our approach is an obsessive strive to make each Xpel installation seamless and as close to perfection as is humanly possible.

Our experience in the vehicle graphics field covers many skill sets, from vehicle decals, graphics, digital printing, full body wraps and computer animation. Combined, these areas of expertise give us an unparalleled advance on other companies who operate in this area.

These combined abilities make our personal attention to detail paramount in all the graphics projects and Xpel installations we undertake.




Business Manager

Mark, is the guy you usually get to talk to first, he figures out your needs and arranges the diary of work. He was in the graphics/vehicle graphics business for 20 years before spending 15 years as a digital artist creating animations for TV and film. He started Wombat Wrapping and SuperCar Paint Protection with Adam 4 years ago.



In the office or under an Elan

Adam, runs the installation bay and is a seasoned vehicle graphics professional. He’s been working in this field for over 30 years, done and seen everything before and likes to let us know this most of the time. When he’s not working here he can be found crawling around under old oily Lotus Elans!




Cathy is the latest member of the team. She spent a lot of years in the insurance business and managed to escape the desk and break into something completely new. Cathy is a dyed in the wool car and bike petrol head. Now fully re trained and experienced in all forms of Xpel PPF installations, she’s a valuable addition to the team and makes us laugh all the time!

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