Now That’s A Wrap

Here at our professional applied car wrapping service will add a highly distinctive look to your supercar and also protect your classic vehicle, our wraps come in matte satin and a limited range of high gloss colours.

The vinyl wrap used by us is XPEL ULTIMATE constructed from advanced elastomeric polymers, XPEL ULTIMATE’ is a unique clear coat option preferred by us.

Our wraps are highly flexible and adhere to all curves and irregular surfaces better than many wrapping films its extremely durable material that stretches and conforms to any vehicle surface or shape.

Before the art of wrapping the only way to change the appearance of your car was a re-paint they can be expensive and if not prepped correctly will only last about five years, our wraps will withstand the cold, heat wind and rain and with the correct maintenance, will last a lot   

The benefits of a great wrap by supercarpaintprotection in kent include not only giving your car a unique look but with no loss of value unlike that of a bad paint job.

Our vinyl wrap is 100 percent removable and after removing the wrap your find it has not only protected your paintwork but also maintained the original colour this is great news if you want to sell your supercar or return after lease period as lease agreements and warranties will remain valid.

The cost of our wrapping service is usually about half the cost of a good paint job and of course our wraps wear far better than paint.

With the proper care our wrapping film is harder to scratch and more durable than most paints when applied it also hides dings and scratches and guaranteed to upgrade the look of the vehicle.

In the image below you can see a Porsche Cayman GT4 we recently covered in Xpel Ultimate plus PPF glossing a great black and gold combo.



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